Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Triangle counter (NEW)

At position, move your arm as if scanning a horizon.  Then grab op's thigh.  Use free hand to grasp the defending hand.  Sit up, look up, then pry.  Move head to get away from the triangle (easier said than done).  Make a pass.

Takedowns and half guard defense (plus basic sweep and armbar and more)

Basic double leg:

Back straight even if you're crouched. Take one step forward then charge.  But rear leg should propel you forward.  Aim the forwarding shoulder to the opponent's navel, if possible.  At impact, grab op's legs immediately.  Plant your rear leg beside op's leg.  Use your head to push op's body sideways. 

Single leg:

Same principle except use the arm opposite of the rear leg.  The other arm should grab the ankles.  Plant your head on op's rib.  Stand up, and place the op's leg between your legs.  Move in a circle.  Move one step forward, then back.  Move front leg outside op's leg.  But hold the op's legs firmly.  You should look like someone assisting your op's front kick.  Move forward until he falls.

Half guard defense:

Var 1: Grab op's gi and transfer to his opposite side.  Reach down his pant leg.  Raise your legs and then like a pendulum, swing them to the desired direction to sweep.  Pull op to that direction as well.

Var 2: Grab op's gi on the back and belt near his butt.  Adjust crossed legs, carrying leg should be under.  Get butt out (shrimp out).  Push op's leg up while pulling op's body to desired direction to sweep.  You should be on the get-the-back position

Basic sweep and armbar:

Assume armbar position.  Drop leg closest to op's arm.  Grab free arm on op's pant leg.  Raise free leg directly on op's armpit then swing to desired position. 

If op posts with his free hand, switch hand on pant leg and hand on arm alternately.  Your body should roll to plant shin on op's nape.  Do a side roll (Murillo roll?).  You should be in an armbar position...

...except your leg isn't placed over op's head.  If op resists, move your leg on his chest to space beside his ear.  Then place free leg over op's head.  Lie down and wait for tap.


"Ezekiel" from guard
Grab labels near the neck.  Make sure wrist is bent towards you.  Reach over his nape and feed your hand to the space made at the crook of your other elbow.  Move to one side and tap.

Gator choke
From facing turtle, grab op's head and elbow.  Make a triangle using your arms.  Roll sideways.  Move body to his hips.  Wait for tap.

Place blade of forearm under his neck.  Tighten it.  Hold other hand.  The free arm should look like a chicken arm bent forward that should push down op's back, and at the same time raise attacking forearm.

Quick news:

I got my first victory by surprise surprise, a choke!  I didn't expect that because it was far from perfect.  I should have had assumed a knee on stomach.  What I did was placed my weight on the choke and moved sideways. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mount Escape

Believe me, this is a tough technique to pull off.

1. When you are mounted, make sure an elbow is positioned on the mat and inside your opp's thigh.

2. If both of you are wearing a gi, you can grab a fold of your op's thigh. Another variation is make a kimura hold (place free hand on top of the hand with planted elbow. The latter hand should grab the wrist of the other.)

3. Make sure your legs are placed inside your op's legs. Straighten your leg nearest to your planted elbow.

4. This is the tough part. Your body should move diagonally as if rolling your weight to another side. To do this, simul: shrimp out+use kimura hands to push your op's thigh away. Easier said than done.  

Another dela Riva variation:

1. The op in your guard raised his leg farthest from you.

2. X-guard his thigh immediately.Make sure you place your opposite foot on top and wrap his thigh with a figure-4.

3. Wrap your hand around his heel and pull it to straighten the leg (his instep should be parallel to your ear).

4. When he attempts to stand, Grab his free foot with your free arm using the form in No. 3 except you don't have to straighten it.

5. Push him down.

6. When he's down, slide your top foot towards you as you lift your other foot towards him.

7. You can grab a collar to make a scarf hold (kesa gatame).