Friday, October 7, 2011

Another pass

Here, you start by holding on the pant leg beside the knee.  You punch it down, then use other hand to wrap underneath other op's leg and grab belt (protection from triangle).  Then move in the direction of raised op's leg.  Lift your leg away from being trapped by a half-guard.  And optional: post one leg near op's butt to prevent a shrimp. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toreana, 2 Variations

Starting position:

1. Do you hold by the knees or by the shin?  Shin is correct.  Knees is wrong.
2. Are your wrists tight?

Var. 1:

1. While holding, do you push down the leg you want to pass?
2. Do you side step?
3. When you throw your weight to the op's chest, do you make sure not to let go the other leg and bring it close to his body?
4. Do you post your leg closest to his hip right behind his ass?
5. Do you wrap your arm around his neck?
6. Do you use your shoulder to force his head to move away from  your body?
7. Have you secured your side mount?

Var. 2:

1. Do you feel his legs pushing towards you?  Then push them down!
2. Do you sidestep?
3. Do you use your free leg to force it on your op's chest diagonally?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drills Drills Drills

I don't remember much but here goes:

Passing #1:

1. Are you gripping at the end of the pant legs?
2. Are your knees bent?
3. Are you transferring your grip to the other hand when you make the pass?
4. When you return to original position, do you make sure not to cross your leg?

Passing #2:

1. Are you gripping at the knees?
2. Have you flattened one leg with your hand and the other hand still on a grip? 
3. Have you performed the wrestler's switch?
4. When you perform the switch, were you landing at the clear flank where your hips touch your op's buttocks? 
5. Have you secured the pass?

Butterfly guard lift:

1. Are your arms on the underhooks?
2. Are your legs secure on the op's thighs?
3. When you lift, do you make sure to LIFT WITH YOUR HANDS AS WELL?

Knee-on-belly #1:

1. Have you grabbed your op's shoulders?
2. Have you lifted your body to the other side?
3. Have you landed, at the exact moment have you placed your leg on the belly?

Knee-on-belly #2:

1. Have you used the closest leg to the op's belly while kneeing him?
2. Have you lifted your other leg to the other side so that you'd be standing over him?
3. Have you kneed him again, this time using the other leg?
4. Have you lifted the other leg away from your op's body so that your body is on the other side of your op?

Half guard #1

1.  Have you grabbed your underhooks with your front arm (your body is in a diagonal position)?
2.  Have you hooked your front leg on his thigh?
3.  Have you used your rear arm as base when you lift him up?

Rear attack arm trap to armbar
1.  Have you assumed the rear-naked position?
2.  Have you grabbed an arm?
3.  Have you snaked your arm under your leg? 
4.  Have you grabbed his collar or lapel (the closest your arm could grip onto)?
5.  Have you tried to quarter?
6.  Is it comfortable to perform an armbar?

(Next time, X-leg to guard, Half-guard #2, and some drills I forgot...)

Some New Techniques on youtube

Baseball Choke

Renzo Choke from Side Control

JJ Choke from Side Control

Half guard lapel sweep

Assorted Half guard sweeps

Renzo Grip breaker

Monday, April 11, 2011

What I've Learned Tonight....

Review Bow and Arrow Escape:
1. Have you opened the window? Have you pulled your own collar away from the choke with both hands?
2. Have you crawled away from the pant leg hold?
3. When you lay on your back, are you sure you're lying at the direction where you pull your gi?
4. Have you trapped your op's leg with your back?
5. Have you sit up?  CRUCIAL#1
6. Have you posted your elbow--NOT your forearm--between yourself and your op?  CRUCIAL #2
7. Have you grabbed his free leg with your free arm? CRUCIAL #3
8. When you shrimp out, have you used your leg closest to your op to trap his trapped leg? CRUCIAL #4
9. Have you sat on your knees after you pass?

Sit-up Half Guard attack #1:
1. Did your op's toreana pass force you to sit up?
2. When you grab his nearest leg, have you wrapped your closest arm to his leg around it?
3. Are your feet in a bow and arrow position?
4. Have you grabbed a belt?
5. If not, have you grabbed at least the farthest lapel?
6. Have you grabbed his other pant leg slightly above the knee?
7. Is it an underhand grab?
8. Have you spun your body so you have very little effort to lift him up?
9. Have you felt his leg on your stomach?
10. Did he post?  If not, complete the pass.
11. If yes, have you grabbed both his legs together?
12. And then, have you spun in an opposite direction so that he would lay on his back or side?
13. Complete the pass.

Attack No. 2
1. Have you followed No.1 to 4 in the previous technique?
2. Have you used the instep of your farthest foot to lightly trap the front thigh of your op's farthest leg?
3. Have you used your free arm to grab the belt behind your op?
4. When you spun under your opponent, was your body perpendicular to him?
5. Did you pull his belt down?
6. Did he sit on you? Did you make sure to use your hips and crotch to lose his balance?
7. Did you push his butt so you can free your trapped leg so it can sink in a rear naked hook?
8. Did your op post with his hand?  Armbar that arm.
9. Did your op post with the blade of his forearm?  Armbar the opposite arm.

Attack No. 3:

1. From Attack No.1, have you grabbed his opposite arm with your hand that was wrapped on his leg?
2. Have you grabbed his farthest collar?
3. Have you adjusted your bow and arrow legs so that the instep of your closer foot could trap your op's leg?
4. Have you pulled down his arm?
5. Have you kicked his trapped leg?
6. Are you in a rear-naked position?  Complete the choke.

Attack No. 2 second variation:

1. At kneeling position, when  you grab your op's collar, was your arm under his posted leg?
2. Have you performed the techniques on Attack No. 2?
3. If the op sat up, can you position for a mount instead?

Another interesting spider guard pass:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I will make a new format

Instead of describing each and every move, which is honestly close to impossible, I will just make a checklist of the vital tiny details that ensure success of the technique.  But I will do this in my next entry.

What I've learned tonight:

1. A better sidemount escape. Version 1 needs a spin to position myself to the knees.  Version 2 is when my opponent held me at the hip close to him. I will make a "pogi pose" or "telephone move" then spin away to get on my knees.

2. Lapel chokes. Version 1 is using my op's lapel to wring around his neck and then use my four fingers of my other hand to secure the choke on his left collar.  Version 2 is using my own lapel to wring his neck and then post my head to his hip to do a somersault.

3. A better armbar escape. Hard to do, but what I should do is turn my hand like answering the phone then turn away then get on my knees.  Hard to describe here. But I hope the checklist would help. But I should do this BEFORE my op lies down.

4. A better scissor sweep. I already know how. But the small detail is my leg should be approx. under his chin. Push the leg and kick with the other on his chest while I straighten my body.

5. A better spider sweep. This was actually taught to Miss J. You step on the thigh then you step on the bicep. Flatten the other leg then put it close to your op's thigh. Then swing.

6. Escape from 69.  I'm not convinced yet.  But it's pretty similar to sidemount escape.

7. Counter sweep the scissors.  I keep forgetting it, but I should plant my leg then on the sweep I just plant my kneecap on the mat. OR I can experiment with the hip swing.

That's all for now. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hip Pass

Grab ankles when opponent is on his back.  Close his legs and use your thighs to lock his feet.  Grab the fabric close to his armpit.  Wait for him to turn.  Then turn your body towards the direction he's leading you.  Your belt should be aligned to his hips.  Make the pass.