Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toreana, 2 Variations

Starting position:

1. Do you hold by the knees or by the shin?  Shin is correct.  Knees is wrong.
2. Are your wrists tight?

Var. 1:

1. While holding, do you push down the leg you want to pass?
2. Do you side step?
3. When you throw your weight to the op's chest, do you make sure not to let go the other leg and bring it close to his body?
4. Do you post your leg closest to his hip right behind his ass?
5. Do you wrap your arm around his neck?
6. Do you use your shoulder to force his head to move away from  your body?
7. Have you secured your side mount?

Var. 2:

1. Do you feel his legs pushing towards you?  Then push them down!
2. Do you sidestep?
3. Do you use your free leg to force it on your op's chest diagonally?

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