Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drills Drills Drills

I don't remember much but here goes:

Passing #1:

1. Are you gripping at the end of the pant legs?
2. Are your knees bent?
3. Are you transferring your grip to the other hand when you make the pass?
4. When you return to original position, do you make sure not to cross your leg?

Passing #2:

1. Are you gripping at the knees?
2. Have you flattened one leg with your hand and the other hand still on a grip? 
3. Have you performed the wrestler's switch?
4. When you perform the switch, were you landing at the clear flank where your hips touch your op's buttocks? 
5. Have you secured the pass?

Butterfly guard lift:

1. Are your arms on the underhooks?
2. Are your legs secure on the op's thighs?
3. When you lift, do you make sure to LIFT WITH YOUR HANDS AS WELL?

Knee-on-belly #1:

1. Have you grabbed your op's shoulders?
2. Have you lifted your body to the other side?
3. Have you landed, at the exact moment have you placed your leg on the belly?

Knee-on-belly #2:

1. Have you used the closest leg to the op's belly while kneeing him?
2. Have you lifted your other leg to the other side so that you'd be standing over him?
3. Have you kneed him again, this time using the other leg?
4. Have you lifted the other leg away from your op's body so that your body is on the other side of your op?

Half guard #1

1.  Have you grabbed your underhooks with your front arm (your body is in a diagonal position)?
2.  Have you hooked your front leg on his thigh?
3.  Have you used your rear arm as base when you lift him up?

Rear attack arm trap to armbar
1.  Have you assumed the rear-naked position?
2.  Have you grabbed an arm?
3.  Have you snaked your arm under your leg? 
4.  Have you grabbed his collar or lapel (the closest your arm could grip onto)?
5.  Have you tried to quarter?
6.  Is it comfortable to perform an armbar?

(Next time, X-leg to guard, Half-guard #2, and some drills I forgot...)

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