Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I will make a new format

Instead of describing each and every move, which is honestly close to impossible, I will just make a checklist of the vital tiny details that ensure success of the technique.  But I will do this in my next entry.

What I've learned tonight:

1. A better sidemount escape. Version 1 needs a spin to position myself to the knees.  Version 2 is when my opponent held me at the hip close to him. I will make a "pogi pose" or "telephone move" then spin away to get on my knees.

2. Lapel chokes. Version 1 is using my op's lapel to wring around his neck and then use my four fingers of my other hand to secure the choke on his left collar.  Version 2 is using my own lapel to wring his neck and then post my head to his hip to do a somersault.

3. A better armbar escape. Hard to do, but what I should do is turn my hand like answering the phone then turn away then get on my knees.  Hard to describe here. But I hope the checklist would help. But I should do this BEFORE my op lies down.

4. A better scissor sweep. I already know how. But the small detail is my leg should be approx. under his chin. Push the leg and kick with the other on his chest while I straighten my body.

5. A better spider sweep. This was actually taught to Miss J. You step on the thigh then you step on the bicep. Flatten the other leg then put it close to your op's thigh. Then swing.

6. Escape from 69.  I'm not convinced yet.  But it's pretty similar to sidemount escape.

7. Counter sweep the scissors.  I keep forgetting it, but I should plant my leg then on the sweep I just plant my kneecap on the mat. OR I can experiment with the hip swing.

That's all for now. 

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