Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bow and Arrow, Spider Guards, etc.

Correct Position for Bow and Arrow:

1. Rear leg is parallel to the ground and bent.  Front leg is bent facing the opponent.  Foot is firmly placed on the mat.

2. Arm closest to the opponent should be placed over the front leg.  Post your free arm a little behind your body (from bird's eye view, at 5 o' clock of your body).

3. Raise the portion of your bum where your lead leg is aligned (*uhurm* attached) with. 

Trick 1:

1.  Tap the charging opponent's closest elbow point with your lead arm.  Tap it away from your body and slightly grab it.

2.  Raise your hips and position on your knees.  Take advantage of the momentum to bring opponent to his knees for a back mount.

Trick 2:

1.  Same, except grab the gi collar.

2.  Post your posting arm further behind you.

3.  Do no. 2 of Trick 1 and at the same time force the collar down. 

Spider Guard:

1.  Grab both lapels and use legs to push your op's biceps (actually an area close to the elbows' bending point).

2.  One leg is bent with your parallel arm pulled close to you.

3.  The lead leg is extended and planted on the op's bicep area.  Don't let go of the op's lapel.

4.  Your hips should be tilted towards your lead leg.  This will give you a diagonal position.

5.  Change positions by shifting lead leg and bent leg right to left, left to right.   

6.  If you timed this correctly, you can tilt your opponent off-balance.


1.  From spider bent leg position, pull your op's arm until your own elbow touches the ground.

2.  Wrap your leg around your op's arm.  Be sure to wrap leg OVER the arm then hook ankle on op's armpit.

3.  Lead leg releases op's bicep area then plant firmly on op's knee.  DON'T LET GO.

4.  Don't release op's other lapel unless a technique requires you to do so.

Technique 1:

1.  When op places knee on your bent leg, he creates a space between his crotch and the mat.

2.  Feed your op's other lapel (#4 above) on that space.  At the same time, free your wrapped leg and push it forward.  It should remain bent when planted on the mat.

3.  Grab your op's fed hand with your other hand.  Do this simultaneously with no. 2.


5.  Let your body fall on its side (lead leg side) so your other foot can hook to your opponent's foot.

6.  Then swing your lead leg towards your other leg.  Your body should take advantage of its momentum.  At the same time, grab your op's ankle as the momentum would make your opponent fall and you right over him. 

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