Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scissor sweeps, Hip bump

From this point forward, all techniques will be explained in a right-handed POV, unless otherwise stated.  

Scissor sweep

1.  From closed guard, grab your op's left collar with your left hand.  At the same time pull his left lapel with your free hand and position it to your side.  Make sure you are in a diagonal position.
2.  Squeeze your bent left leg in a space between you and your opponent's chest. 
3.  Pull him until you feel his weight.  Your body should be bent.
4.  Push his left leg with your free leg. At the same time, arch your back (DETAIL)!  You should be able to throw his body to your right.  You may also pull with your hands to your right if that would help you achieve the technique.
5. This sweep will lead you into a mounted position.

Hip Bump.

1.  From closed guard, reach for the opponent's left arm like attempting a kimura.
2.  Your attacking arm should wrap around his arm.  At the same time, make sure you also grab the tricep with your free arm. 
3.  Your body would slightly be tilted to your right.
4.  Bridge your body to the right.
5.  This sweep will lead you into a mounted position.

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