Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Basic triangle, armbar from mount, half guard sweep

Basic triangle:

1.  Grab wrist and elbow to preferred arm. 
2.  Lift hip to pull arm closer.
3.  Place leg nearest to op's arm at his hip. 
4.  Sim lift hip and place free leg behind op's neck and shoulders.
5.  Shrimp to achieve perpendicular position.
6.  Set up triangle position.
7.  Pull down op's free arm or push his head down.
8.  If op stacks you, move away again and again.
9.  Forgot the rest...

Armbar from mount:

1.  Assume a tight mount pos.
2.  Clasp hands on op's head to move to high mount.  Elbows on the mat.
3.  If op is on a cross arm defense, slide hand toward bicep of opposite arm.  Your hand should slide UNDER the forearm NOT OVER it or you will lose the grip. 
4.  Make an S mount.  I still could not perform this perfectly.  Move the S first before placing the other leg perp on op's head.  P's advice: Shift weight diagonally on other leg while making an S on the other. 
5.  Then place leg perp on op's head and tiptoe.  Ideally No. 3 and No. 4 should be sim.
6.  Spin, place tiptoed leg over op's head.  Fall down from one side to another.  If your op's head is at 12 o' clock, fall down at 10 o' clock then gradually move at 9 or lower when you touch the mat.
7.  Tighter knees.  Lift hips.  Op's thumbs should face up. 

Half guard sweep:
You are embraced with your opponent and your leg is on a half-guard pos.  

1.   Use free leg and arm to bridge to one side.
2.   Slide the hand closer to the head and pass it through the neck. 
3.   That hand in No. 2 and the free hand should push the farthest shoulder away from you.
4.   Immediately raise your free leg to make a knee, shrimp in to place that leg on op's shoulder. 
5.   Use hand closest to the leg to block op's hand that is closest to the raised leg.
6.   Now use the hand in No. 5 to reach from the inside of the leg to grab the belt.  If no gi, the shoulder.
7.   The free hand should grab or hold the collar.
8.   Sim:  Kick leg + swing from bottom to top +  leg and hand on belt should assume seatbelt position at the same time. 
9.  Seatbelt hold: one arm slides across the neck, the other under the armpits.  Both are clasped tightly.  Let the legs make the op fall closer to the mat.  Hips should be lower.

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