Friday, April 16, 2010

Log 4/17/10: the finer details in the basics: Americana, Kimura, Armbar, Dela Riva, shrimp, reverse shrimp

Keylock Americana or KA

1. From the mount: push down your opponents wrist and elbow downwards with your elbows straight.  This would drive your entire weight to his arm before you perform.
2. From the side mount: if the op's forearm is pushing your neck, grab his wrist AND TWIST it before performing the technique.  It won't hurt him but it's a good set up.

Keylock Kimura

1. Make sure your arm nearest to your op's hip is on standby in case the op's arm escapes from KA.
2. Do the technique, but make sure his arm is in a sharp perpendicular shape before you do number 3.
3. Do a Kesa leg form, then swing the far leg over his head. 
4. Push your lock toward's your op's ear.

Armbar from side -- AMAZING

1. Twist your op's biceps towards you.  Works best if his arms are raised.
2. Immediately plant your elbows on his solar plexus.
3. Sprawl simultaneously.
4. Push op's head down, pref towards you.
5. Post farthest leg beside op's head.
6. Swing.  Perform armbar.

Some details from Dela Riva Guard...

1.  Starting position is legs are slightly crossed. If shrimping to the right, place left leg under op's leg and right leg over. 
2.  Ear should be close to the left leg
3.  Hold the op's ankle.  It should pass around the inner ankle.
4.  Reach for the other ankle.  Same thing.
5.  Push.


1. Tiptoe on one foot.
2. From that foot, push until your body resembles a shrimp.

Reverse Shrimp

1. Extend a leg.
2. Try to reach it with both arms.
3. Push your body forward

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