Monday, April 19, 2010

Triangle, Pendulum armbar, stacking triangle counter, passing guard,

1.  Hold both hands close to your chest.
2.  Place left leg on opponent's hip + push down op's left hand + throw  right leg on op's shoulder (all simul)
3.  VERY IMPORTANT: Do a bunny position.  Lift your hips as high as your can.
4.  Secure your triangle and shrimp out to achieve reach.
5.  Toffee advice: Push down opponent's free arm to help you bring your legs down.

Pendulum armbar
1.  If your op got his hand away from an armbar, turn your leg so that the crook of your feet meets your op's neck.
2.  Hold arm tightly as if in an armbar.
3.  Swing leg over op's neck like an armbar.
4.  Push hips up.

Triangle counter
1.  Stack but to a space beside op.
2.  Use both hands to get rid of the triangled foot.
3.  Ideally, you'd end up in a sidemount.

Passing guard
1.  Lift opponent and make him land in your bent knee.
2.  Push op's lower abdomen area.
3.  Use elbows to push out.
4.  Sit back and enjoy.

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