Monday, April 26, 2010

Chokes from Mount, top game

1. From mount, flip a collar and slide your opposite hand deep until it reaches your op's nape.
2. Place elbow on sternum.
3. Use free hand to make an arc on the mat, above the op's head.
4. Grab the fabric close to op's neck. The pinky should touch the neck.
5. Sim: Twist other hand and pull the other into a V direction + place your weight on your hold or op's chest.
6. For greater effect, hook your op's legs when you drop your weight down.

Var. 2

1. If op blocks No. 1 move with his hand, make an N mount.  Just raise the leg nearest to your attacking arm and place entire foot on the mat.
2. Turn your op's body sideways.
3. Wrap your free hand around op's neck and reach for the collar you've been holding in No. 1.
4. Your op's defending arm has an opening.  Use the other hand to enter that opening.  Straighten your arm.
5. Pass your straightened arm on the side of your op's neck.  Tighten the choke with the other hand.

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